by: John Maisano


Bronze Horse Sculpture

This is the pause, the breath you take before battle. He stretches his neck downward in preparation. We have all had this moment, facing the trials and obstacles that life throws at us. We take a deep breath, stretch, and get ready to push through.

I always try to choose a pose that is a bit different from the typical poses in which an animal is depicted. Horses are usually shown leaping or running. I was drawn to this stance because I could identify with this moment.

John Maisano is fascinated by the artistic designs found in Celtic, African, Inuit and Tribal art which he incorporates into his sculptures. Each sculpture is inscribed with intricate designs derived from natural forms and structures. His sculptures range in size from treasures that can be held in the palm of one’s hand to larger-than-life monuments. His work focuses on graceful interpretations of animals shaped in a way that captures the life force of each animal and transforms it into something more.

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Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited Edition
Edition Size: 35
Dimensions: 15.5"H 26"W 6"D
Style: Art Deco
Subject: Horse(s)

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