At Exposures International, we are committed to nothing short of excellence regarding the support we provide to all our clients before, during, and after your sale. You will find our Art Consultants to be concerned, knowledgeable and helpful. Remember, we are not satisfied until you are. Carefully read the information on this page regarding the proper handling of your new art. Following these guidelines will make your experience with Customer Service easier and more pleasant and will help expedite transactions.

Pricing Policy:
Our pricing policy is simple. Prices are normally suggested by the artist. We guarantee our prices. The quality of each work of art is guaranteed and comes with a fully documented “Certificate of Value and Authenticity.” Please request one with your order.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of art work dimensions. They are often an artist estimate as the art is usually hand-made and each piece varies somewhat. If exact measurements are required for a particular installation, please contact us.

We ship worldwide and can ship 90% of items in the gallery. Shipping insurance is included in our shipping quotes unless otherwise noted. All of our shipments are normally insured. Shipping costs are not refundable. Tracking numbers are available upon request. To get an estimate for shipping cost, please contact us. Any duties and/or taxes by foreign governments for shipments outside the United States are the responsibility of the client. Estimated delivery dates are purely artist estimates and are not guaranteed. Crating and shipping of art takes a minimum of 2 weeks. If you need it faster, we will try to accommodate your deadline. Most artists selling “Editions” request a delay of shipping until replacement arrives at the gallery. This can sometimes take 60 to 120 days or longer. If you have any questions regarding your shipment please contact our administration department.

Sales Tax:
Please ask your art consultant about any applicable sales tax rates.

Credit Cards:
Orders may be charged directly to your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. Other cards may be accepted. Please ask your sales consultant. We reserve the right to hold all orders pending credit card verification.

Exposures International will process your check and reserve the right to hold orders pending bank or check clearance.

Bank Wire Transfers:
Wire Transfers from your bank to our bank are accepted. We reserve the right to hold order pending completion of transfer.

Return Policy:
Due to the unique nature of art and artist’s guidelines, art may be returned only if it has been pre-approved at the time of purchase. Some items may be exchanged unless otherwise stated on the purchase agreement. Due to sanitation purposes, all Jewelry sales are final and cannot be exchanged. If a jewelry item needs to be repaired due to a manufacturing defect, please contact your Art Consultant. Please always refer to the care instructions provided at the time of purchase.

To return items, simply ship the item prepaid in brand-new condition (with packaging and Invoice Number) within 7 days of receipt. You will be reimbursed in the same form as your initial payment with the exception of cash. In addition, Return Merchandise Authorizations are necessary and may be requested from our Administration Department. If the item does not meet our return policy and is accepted for return, a 15-25%, or greater, restocking fee may be charged.

Receiving Your Order:
Upon receipt of your artwork, please remove your art SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. Inspect it carefully as to contents and condition. All claims for damaged or missing items MUST be reported to Exposures International within two business days of receipt of art. In the event your package arrives damaged, it is the responsibility of the client to immediately contact the carrier to inspect the package to assure full refund/replacement. All packaging MUST be retained until the problem has been resolved. DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY OF THE PACKAGING MATERIALS UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE ARTWORK.

Bronze Maintenance Tips:
Every bronze will collect some dust. As a general rule of thumb, indoor pieces should be cleaned and waxed once per year and outdoor pieces should be waxed twice per year.

The best way to clean dust from your sculptures is to brush it off with a soft bristle brush or wipe it with a damp rag. Do not use soap or household cleaners as they may strip the patina, react with patina, or leave a residue. Dry the bronze thoroughly with a soft rag.

To wax your bronze, first choose a fine carnauba or beeswax based wax. Many artists use a product called Tree Wax. Waxes for cars or boats are not recommended. Wait until later in the day to ensure that surface condensation is not a problem and make sure the piece is completely dry. Apply a thin layer of wax with a soft bristle brush and allow the wax to dry for the recommended time on the label. Gently buff it with a soft, clean rag. Two to three coats are usually sufficient for most conditions. With just a little bit of time and effort, you’ll have your bronze clean and shiny and ready to put back on display.

Exposures International will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale of any merchandise. Our sole responsibility will only be the monetary value of the merchandise.