“Night Vision”

by: John Maisano


Bronze Panther Sculpture

Originally created as a collector’s Spirit Animal, this has become one of my favorite pieces. “Night Vision” represents a deep, bone chilling stare from my encounter with a large panther at the Dallas Zoo. Back some years, I had gone to the Dallas zoo.  They had a big cat enclosure that was very open.  As I came up over a hill I saw a large leopard on a hill, I couldn’t see the enclosure, so it looked like it was open. The cat was walking and then saw me, stared, and began to stalk me. It walked directly at me. My blood ran cold, I froze, then he turned and walked away. I used that stare in the Night Vision sculpture.

His eyes seem able to look right into your soul with a focused glare. His side bears the Mayan symbol for panther, giving him an ancient feel. This is definitely a power piece capturing the inner soul of a warrior.

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Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited Edition
Edition Size: 35
Dimensions: 10.5"H 15.5"W 7.5"D
Style: Art Deco
Subject: Mammal(s)

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