by: Kimberly Webber


“My works can be described as contemporary symbolist painting; modern magical realism rooted in antiquity. Archetypal figures appear through organic abstraction patterns. The physical act of painting begins with the clean white page or pristine canvas, perfection, unlimited pure divine potential… But the perfect white surface calls the black charcoal or ink markings to itself in order to experience contrast, polarity and tension, in order for there to be something to look at. Chiaroscuro is language of visual art, form emerging form nothing, black and white gradations creating the bone, flesh and spirit of the unfolding work. Dark and light’ the drama activates the visual center, the perpetual dance between shadow and light, the nuanced visual rhythm. The artist becomes the conduit through which the creative impulse manifest….” _ Kimberly Webber

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Medium: Giclee
Edition Type: Limited Edition Giclee
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 24"H 18"W
Style: Symbolism
Subject: Figure(s)