Kimberly Webber was introduced to the arts early in her childhood and has been painting ever since. She decided to seriously pursue her art career by obtaining a degree of Fine Arts in Painting from Ohio Wesleyan University. She then went to Florence, Italy to further train in classical painting techniques.

In her pursuit to perfect her artistic style, she sought guidance in the techniques of Chinese calligraphy master painter Lin Chein Shih and the Nihonga style of painting. Webber’s revolutionary art style synergizes these ancient Asian techniques alongside her classical oil painting training, creating images and stories with immense depth and luminescence.

Kimberly Webber’s works can be described as contemporary symbolist paintings. Her subject matter revolves around the liminal space of dreams, deep memory, and the feminine archetypes. A significant theme for Webber in her work is the empowerment of women. Her paintings are a celebration of the divine feminine in all its incarnations. She also uses her medium to raise awareness for endangered animals through their continual representation in her work.

With her unique fusion of Eastern and Western art styles, Webber’s paintings have been featured in solo exhibitions all over North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Each painting is designed to uplift, activate and empower the viewer.  Exposures International is delighted to have such a talented and wonderful artist featured in our gallery.

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