“Mother’s Gift”

by: Kim Obrzut


Corn is the heart of the Hopi diet and has provided the Hopi with life for over a millennium. We understand that this is a sacred gift from our Mother, Mother Earth. In Hopi life the growing of corn is an arduous task, which requires dry farming skills, continuous hard work and a lot of prayer. Our corn is grown in less than nine inches of annual rainfall in dry washes. The Hopi people sustain the corn and the corn sustains Hopi culture. Every living thing has a spirit, even insects, which was also given to us by our Mother. Having a deep understanding of the natural cycles of the earth, the Butterfly is celebrated not only for its beauty that brings happiness to the people, but also for its important contribution in pollinating plant life. Corn and the Butterfly remind us of a life filled with the promise that a good life is to work hard, and pray, and the creator will always provide for your needs. The Hopi thought is: One Mind, One Body, and One Spirit.

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Style: Southwestern
Subject: Hopi Maidens

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