“Colossal Angelic Feather”

by: Nic McGuire

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“The glass is alive when it is hot, it has a mind of its own and a memory. It has a mysteriousness about it that captures our curiosity. Hard like a rock, yet as transparent as the air we look through. The molten glass has exotic properties compared to other materials you come into contact with on a day to day basis. It glows with a brilliance of color and emits an enormous amount of heat that challenge me as a sculptor to find a way to control these extreme properties in order to achieve a finished piece of art. I make my sculptures to be meaningful objects to live with. Through experiences on this earth and what I have seen, what I have been shown by others and that which I have learned all influence my art. The sculptures you see are the ideas which I have attempted to bring forth from my imagination into this reality. Inspired by intriguing patterns found in nature and the amazing relationships shared by all living things I make art to share the beauty of life with others.” – Nic McGuire


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Medium: Glass
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 43"H 14"W 12"D
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Feather