Nic McGuire dreamt of becoming an artist since childhood. The act of conveying the world through visual images and materials intrigued and inspired him. He cultivated his skills throughout his childhood and supplemented his knowledge with techniques he learned in school. While attending college, he experienced hot glass for the first time. On his first day of class he noticed huge, glowing, orange ovens radiating heat from the fires inside. Nic was mesmerized by the heat and energy needed to control the molten glass. On this day, he began his journey of learning to harness and utilize the intriguing material of glass. Nic graduated with a B.A. in Visual Arts from UC San Diego in 2004. While Nic was studying at UCSD, he was awarded a scholarship to attend the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington, founded by American icon Dale Chihuly.

“The glass is alive when it is hot, it has a mind of its own and a memory. It has a mysteriousness about it that captures our curiosity. Hard like a rock, yet as transparent as the air we look through. The molten glass has exotic properties compared to other materials you come into contact with on a day to day basis. It glows with a brilliance of color and emits an enormous amount of heat that challenge me as a sculptor to find a way to control these extreme properties in order to achieve a finished piece of art. I make my sculptures to be meaningful objects to live with. Through experiences on this earth and what I have seen, what I have been shown by others and that which I have learned all influence my art. The sculptures you see are the ideas which I have attempted to bring forth from my imagination into this reality. Inspired by intriguing patterns found in nature and the amazing relationships shared by all living things I make art to share the beauty of life with others.”

Nic McGuire is currently enjoying spending his time at his studio in San Diego, creating high quality original glass sculptures with an emphasis on modern, abstract designs. The intricate patterns and skillfully crafted forms make each piece of art a unique one of a kind sculpture.

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