“The Way Home”

by: Sandra Brestel


“As the morning sun’s radiance emerges from a bank of spent storm clouds, this fractured rock face within the canyon, retains the cool temperature of last night’s downpour. The sounds of bird songs, echo between the canyon walls and once more awaken the magic of this ancient and sacred petroglyph site.

Many petroglyph images and sites are spiritual in nature, and their abstract ideas and meanings float across the rock surface, like leaves in a mountain stream. This site is different. It was creates as a trail marker. This is evident by the spiral symbols with their long meandering tails. Spirals formed in this fashion are considered trail markers. Thousands of years ago Native Americans scratched and pecked these images into the rock to mark a trail leading to a river or spring. These spirals mark a safe place to climb up or down in the treacherous canyon rocks. A family of mountain sheep is etched into the rock, and appears to be perched precariously upon a ledge. These sheep images call upon the magic of this spirit helper. Mountain sheep, deer, and other animals often lead people to water sources, but here these Sheep bring a special magic to this place. It is their natural ability at climbing and finding the best paths hidden in the crumbling rocks of this dangerous mountain. The magic placed here long ago is certainly more than just a trail marker. It is also a prayer for the continued abundance of water and the safe passage of the water carriers.

Another significant image here is that of the bird. This long legged bird resembles a heron or another type of water bird. Birds are magically aligned with the sun and sky. Birds are part of the air, and the breath of life is carried upon their wings. Each type of bird has a special role in our world and the spirit world. It is their natural ability of flight that makes these feathered creatures perfect messengers to the heavens.

A final message is contained within the handprints. Placed upon this craggy surface long ago these handprints create a strong human bond to the spirits. This ancient magic endures because when a shaman etches or paints the shape of his hand upon the rock. He has identified himself to the spirits in a very personal way. This simple act creates a lasting prayer request to the spirits that reside there. All of these images create a prayer for safe passage and a clear way home.”

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Medium: Giclee
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Edition Size: 100
Dimensions: 48"H 24"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Pictographs