“Sky Burst Series”

by: Sue Haan


“I am passionate about glass. The colors. The dimension. The way it interacts with light. The endless creative possibilities. I feel tremendous joy when I open my kiln and see what I’ve made. I get even greater joy, when I see the look in the eyes of others when they look at my creations. My head spins with ideas. I dream about them. I see them everywhere I look. There are no failures. Every piece can be created and recreated until I love what I see. I challenge myself to make each piece better than the last. I seek classes, information and mentors who can teach me more about methods and new processes. In my studio I am “in the zone”, as I lose track of time.”

“My move to Arizona in 2008 has been a life changing journey. Never in my wildest imagination did I believe I could become an artist. I fell in love with the Red Rocks. I fell in love with glass. ”

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Medium: Glass
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 19.25"H 14"W
Style: Contemporary