Sue Haan moved to Arizona in 2008 after retiring from a 32 year career as a Social Worker and Human Resources Manager in the Mental Health field in Michigan. Always admiring glass art from the sidelines, she never saw herself as an artist, until she took a local course in
glassmaking in 2010. It was there that her instructor, Joanne Hiscox, convinced her that “you don’t have to be artistic to be an artist; you just have to have the desire”. That was the beginning of her journey to learn as much as possible about working with glass, taking classes in Sedona, Las Vegas, Delphi Glass Creativity Center in Lansing, and Hollander Fusing Center in Phoenix. Inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Michigan and Arizona, Sue uses glass, frit, and stringer to make her creations. Her artwork has been exhibited and collected nationwide.

“I am passionate about glass. The colors. The dimension. The way it interacts with light. The endless creative possibilities. I feel tremendous joy when I open my kiln and see what I’ve made. I get even greater joy, when I see the look in the eyes of others when they look at my creations. My head spins with ideas. I dream about them. I see them everywhere I look. There are no failures. Every piece can be created and recreated until I love what I see. I challenge myself to make each piece better than the last. I seek classes, information and mentors who can teach me more about methods and new processes. In my studio I am “in the zone”, as I lose track of time.”

“My move to Arizona in 2008 has been a life changing journey. Never in my wildest imagination did I believe I could become an artist. I fell in love with the Red Rocks. I fell in love with glass. ”

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