“Quiescent Healers”

by: Sandra Brestel


“As the sun rises above the distant mountain range, its life-giving light begins once again to warm these ancient images. The rocks start to glow in the early light and a breeze begins to stir along the canyon wall. The awakening breeze brings with it a great life force carried across mountains and plains. Native Americans recognized this energy and magic within all of nature. This magical energy is not just carried in the wind but it is present within the trees, plants and animals alike, and of course within the very rock itself. It is upon earth’s architecture of rock that these sacred images are placed. The ancient shamans who created these wonderful images have passed through our world long ago entrusting these sacred images to nature and the elements.

A quartet of women healers shimmer in the morning light as they have for thousands of years. Their headdresses are adorned with ceremonial feathers that hold great healing powers and their beautifully patterned robes seem to drift like mist from the rocks. It is within the pattern of the largest figure, we see the sacred symbol of female life breath. The grouping of triangle shapes is a female sign and at the center of this is a small “S” shape, the breath sign. The breath sign symbolizes not only the breath of life but also the wind. Both are powerful elements for healing. A “U” shaped pictograph is barely visible to the left of this figure. This is the symbol of healing through spiritual growth and talisman for the healing of old wounds.

This sacred place is saturated with powerful elements of medicine and healing. A symbol of the sun in motion swirls with seven rays of light each representing an energy center of the body. As we move below this swirling orb of light each representing an energy center of the body. As move below the swirling orb of light we come in contact with the earthly elements of this magic, the Datura plant and the animal spirit helpers each with its unique power and magic, and helpers is the owl. This ominous creature holds a very powerful place in Native American beliefs. This nocturnal creature is the essence of wisdom, it can hear and see things we cannot. The owl is dangerous and has unpredictable magic only a strong and experienced medicine woman would dare to enlist its great powers.

A more stable spirit helper is the badger, shy and yet aggressive, the badger is the totem animal between healers and medicine women. This small tenacious creature is believed to have taught ancient shamans which roots and herbs could heal sickness. Just by observing this animal we can learn a key ingredient in the recipe for healing. The badger never accepts its fate, and always puts up a fight in the face of insurmountable odds.

Meticulously etched below the badger is a depiction of the Datura plant complete with its shimmering blossom. This plant was used in its entirety, including the roots for establishing contact with the spirits, to communicate with the ill, to see into the future, and to cure the body and mind.”

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Medium: Giclee
Edition Type: Limited Edition Giclee
Edition Size: 100
Dimensions: 31"H 48"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Pictographs