“The Move”

by: Victor Ostrovsky

$1,280.00 and up:
The price varies on this artwork due to size and composition. Please inquire with the gallery to obtain additional information.

“In The Move, secrets are being openly passed from person to person. Spy agencies always claim the information they gather is carefully guarded, but is it? Ostrovsky believes information is available throughout the organization – whether there’s a need to know or not. Here, there are three layers of action. The case officer playing pool is about to be passed a note, while at far right another operative prepares to pass papers to someone else. This is one of Ostrovsky’s rare square paintings because it is a continuation of End Game. Notice the stone wall is the same in both paintings. Examine them side by side and you wind up where you started.”

This Giclee is available in several sizes: 25″H x 25″W, 32″H x 32″W, and 40″H x 40″W. Please contact the gallery for more pricing information.

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Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Giclee
Edition Type: Limited Edition Giclee
Edition Size: 295
Dimensions: 25"H 25"W
Style: Surrealism
Subject: Metaphors of Espionage Series