“Lifelong Journey”

by: Sandra Brestel


“Imagine the tenacity of the ancient artist of these works, pecking and chipping at the rock surface to create these images. This thought alone is enough to realize these petroglyphs were more than art; they were a very important part of a shaman’s spiritual awakening. These sacred images were the bridge a shaman created to cross over to the realm of the spirits. Even after thousands of years, we can still sense a tinge of ancient shaman magic. This magical presence seems to gently swirl and float about these time-worn images, like a pair of golden autumn leaves dancing together in the breeze.

Each group of petroglyphs have their own mystery and certain images are so deeply shrouded in ancient mysticism that their true meanings have become hazy and sometimes completely obscured by the passage of time. However, we do know that the spiral represents a journey in the earthly sense as well as the spiritual and this mystical symbol is held by one of the figures here. The spiral is however not the primary magic here, it is the carefully etched likeness of a man and woman that dominates this ancient site. The placement of these figures is so close together that they appear as one. The shaman’s intention is not lost; this tapestry of stone-etched images must certainly be a description of a couple, possibly soul mates, continuing their lifelong journey.”

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Medium: Giclee
Edition Type: Limited Edition Giclee
Edition Size: 100
Dimensions: 30"H 24"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Pictographs