by: Kim Obrzut


There body is in the shape of a gourd, the oldest utilitarian vessel known to mankind. The gourd is used as storage, to carry water, to shape pottery and as a rattle in ceremonies.
The flat plane that runs down the middle of there body represents the womb. In all aspects of Hopi the perpetuation of life is stressed. The Hopi people are a matriarchal society, where a child’s lineage comes from the mother. In traditional Hopi culture the women own the home, all of the household materials as well as the seeds planted every spring. A man will come to live with his wife’s family after marriage. Her hair is worn in a traditional style of being cut strait across her brow. This represents falling rain and reminds her of the prayers of all Hopi for rain. Her amulet represents clouds and lightening. The Patina represents a full cloud ready to burst with rain. This is the prayer of all Hopi people.

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Subject: Hopi Maidens