by: Victor Ostrovsky

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“In espionage, make believe and reality is separated by a razor-thin line. Here we see an encounter, but who’s encountering whom? Is the seated woman encountering the man at left? Is the bartender encountering the woman at right? An operative can never completely trust appearances. Notice the two wine bottles and glass sitting on the shelf? Look closely – they’re merely an illusion, a picture attached to the wall. And the bartender shaking the drink…he’s really a bartender, isn’t he? The primary rule in espionage is simple: never trust what you see. Or believe what you’re told.”

This Giclee is available in several different sizes: 24″H x 30″W, 32″H x 40″W, 36″H x 45″W, and 40″H x 50″W. Please contact the gallery for pricing more information.

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Medium: Giclee
Edition Type: Limited Edition Giclee
Edition Size: 295
Dimensions: 24"H 30"W
Style: Surrealism
Subject: Metaphors of Espionage Series