“Distraction II”

by: Victor Ostrovsky

$1,380.00 and up:
The price varies on this artwork due to size and composition. Please inquire with the gallery to obtain additional information.

“Distraction is classic Ostrovsky: clandestine meetings, beautiful women, faceless spies, and lessons learned from the artist’s past. In the backroom, an exchange is taking place. Privacy is vital so a distraction has been arranged. The woman in red is distracting the man next to her, and she’s succeeding. He’s forgotten the events in the back room. At the same time, her colleague two seats down the bar has turned to check on progress at the meeting. When the meeting ends safely for his side, he will send the woman a subtle signal and she will quietly exit the bar.”

This Giclee is available in several sizes: 24″H x 30″w, 32″H x 40″W, 36″H x 45″W, and 40″H x 50″W. Please contact the gallery for more pricing information.

Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Giclee
Edition Type: Limited Edition Giclee
Edition Size: 295
Dimensions: 24"H 30"W
Style: Surrealism
Subject: Metaphors of Espionage Series