“D172-Citrine 18.82”

by: Barbara Westwood

$11,280.00 The price varies on the jewelry due to composition. Please inquire with the gallery for more information.

This One of a Kind Jewel Drop showcases a stunning 18.82 Carat Citrine. This semi-precious gemstone is set in 18 Karat Yellow Gold as well as .22 ct. tw of Diamonds. Featured in Barbara Westwood’s Classic Color Collection.

“People ask, What is Art? and they wonder why there are so many divergent opinions. Perhaps a better question is, What is an rtist? Is it vision? Is it inspiration? Is it technique? Is it non-conformity? Or is it a way to communicate out innermost feelings without a word? We are, if we choose to acknowledge it, all artist in our own private lives and hopefully we all find the right vehicle for that expression. Barbara Westwood has found her.”

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Medium: 18.82 ct. tw. Citrine surronded by 18 Karat Yellow Gold & .22 ct. tw. of Diamonds
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 1"H .5"W
Style: Formal Jewelry
Subject: The Classic Color Collection