“Colors of Time Triptych”

by: Sandra Brestel


“Paintings created by our prehistoric ancestors still cling to existence in the rugged mountains of Baja, California. Each weathered image represents a unique moment captured in time. It is amazing these murals have survived so long. Even after thousands of years, their colors are still discernible: reds, yellows, white, black, and even shades of blue and turquoise. All these colors came from natural elements and these wonderful images have survived the ages, because they were created beneath cliff overhangs and within the mouth of caves…and a little shaman magic must have certainly increased their durability.

These larger-than-life-sized murals are called pictographs because they are painted upon the rock, not carved or etched like petroglyphs. These murals depict not only human figures, but are thick with animal images such as deer, antelope, and mountain lions. Fish, rays, and other peculiar ocean-swelling creatures like squid are also represented in these ancient murals. Each animal and human figure painted by these ancient artists was more than just a work of art. In fact, aesthetic expression may not have been the goal of the artists at all. These images were very sacred and their creation was more for religious and spiritual reasons. It is also possible these time-worn murals depicted cultural values and were a form of communication between tribes and clans. We shall never be sure of the true meaning and purpose of these enduring icons. Unlike the murals themselves, the meanings and explanations have followed the artists’ brushes, made of animal hair and yucca leaves; the have slowly returned to the earth.”

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Medium: Giclee
Edition Type: Limited Edition Giclee
Edition Size: 100
Dimensions: 34" x 64"w
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Pictographs