“Chez Bella”

by: Victor Ostrovsky

$1,380.00 and up:
The price varies on this artwork due to size and composition. Please inquire with the gallery to obtain additional information.

Price Ranges: $1,400 – $2,800
The price ranges on the work of art above due to size and composition. Please inquire with the gallery for pricing and to obtain additional information. Thank You!
“Sometimes the spy business goes round and round and round. Here we see an obvious surveillance scene in a hotel room. The baguette, coffee, newspaper and photograph on the table are a dead giveaway. The target of our surveillance is sitting at the Chez Bella Café across the street, but he’s also a spy conducting surveillance judging from the diplomatic envelope on the table. He’s observing someone while under surveillance himself. Nor does it end there. In the window at upper left, a tripod-mounted camera is pointing at us. So someone is watching us, while we watch the man at the café, who is watching yet another target. No wonder they call spying a game.” This Giclee is available in several sizes: 30″H x 24″W, 40″H x 32″W, 45’H x 36″W, and 50″H x 40″W. Please contact the gallery for more pricing information.

Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Giclee
Edition Type: Limited Edition Giclee
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 50"H 40"W
Style: Pop Art
Subject: Espionage