“These are all Gods images, not mine”

Marty Herman was born and raised in New York City, where he first became interested in photography. His initial encounter with a camera came on his 13th birthday when he decided to document his own party. From that time, he developed a love and passion for photography.

His formal studies began in New York, where he majored in photographic art. The draft and the Vietnam War then interrupted his life. During this time, Marty found himself in the USAF Photo Intelligence Branch, where he designed and built a state of the art photo laboratory. Then, while a combat photographer in Vietnam, he risked his life to document the horrible tragedies of the period. (1966).

Post Vietnam, he worked in New York City as a custom photographic color printer. He then moved on to be general manager of a custom black & white laboratory in Hollywood, California that catered to the motion picture industry. His career soared; he went from being an assistant film editor to a motion picture cameraman documenting the Apollo Space Program to its completion of the landing on the moon.

In 1975, he founded a Los Angeles based advertising agency, “Jam Advertising Ink.” The agency specialized in marketing companies from around the world that wanted to penetrate the tough L.A. market. Clients included Toshiba, Coca-Cola, Ritz Cameras, Oshman’s Sporting Goods and Laserium, as well as the University Stereo retail chain, which he built from $2.7 to $50 million in annual sales. As a result, he was awarded the National Retailer of the Year Award for consumer electronics. Marty was also named to the list of “Top 100 Executives” by the Los Angeles Times, and was invited by some of the world’s largest international manufacturers to express his thinking. He was recognized as one of the world’s leaders of opinion in his field.

Retiring from his business at age 35, Marty took a sabbatical, and sailed around the world on his private yacht as a honeymoon gift to his bride, Diane. Together, they sailed alone for almost five years. This time allowed him to drift back to his photographic roots.

On October 1, 1996, Marty brought together all of his passions – photography, marketing and his love…his bride. Out of these, EXPOSURES INTERNATIONAL — GALLERY OF FINE ART was born.

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