“Waiting For The Bus”

by: Richard Pankratz


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“Waiting for the Bus is an expression of a stylized human figure, well dressed and looking very good on the surface. The pose has a slight, almost imperceptible anticipatory lean toward the direction the figure is looking. There appears to be no other activity keeping the figure occupied. The most telling detail that betrays the figure’s desire to pretend that all is well is that the head is proportionately too small for the body. Our unique identity is inextricably tied to how we view ourselves. When we live disengaged from life, self-concept is almost always diminished.
Waiting for the Bus is an expression of one of the states of existence for humans. As humans, we are capable of living fully in the present, living and enjoying life. Unfortunately, we often don’t. Sometimes we live in the past with the excess baggage of past experiences predetermining or limiting our responses to the present.Likewise, sometimes we exist over focused on the future. Someday we will have more time; someday we will have more money; someday, life won’t be quite as hectic, etc. Then, we promise ourselves, we will take that dream vacation, or spend more quality time with loved ones, or study painting, or do whatever it is that will nurture a long almost forgotten desire deep within our soul. We spend our lives waiting for the bus that will take us to better days.
Worry is another form of waiting for the bus. With worry, we focus not on what has happened, or on what will happen, but on what might happen. What might happen in our worries is almost always negative. In essence, we spend our time disengaged from the present expecting disaster to strike.
Waiting for the Bus was created to be a reminder to keep life in balance. The past no longer exists and the future has not yet been created. What we have is the present, new and fresh and ours to experience moment by moment.”
-written by Richard Pankratz

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 12
Dimensions: 20.5"H 7.5"W 6.5"D
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract