“Sterling Silver 8 Carat Fancy Light Yellow Emerald Cut Ring with 18 KGP Prongs”

by: Bling By Wilkening


This exquisite ring is a timeless statement piece, and is inspired by the Crown Jewels. The illustrious hand-faceted light yellow-hued center stone is approx. 8 carats, and is created of the finest-grade cubic zirconia for unparalleled, superlative brilliance. Ring is approximately .5 inches in length. Modeled after the most exceptional fine jewelry, the center stone features angled corners with gold double prongs. These 18 KGP prongs highlight the beauty of the light yellow-hued center stone. Clear cubic zirconia, also of the finest-grade, are set in a halo surrounding the light yellow center stone. Clear stones are also set on the underside of the setting, for a stunning added detail on the gallery. This is shown in an additional view of the ring. Ring is available in the following sizes: 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 8. The Bling by Wilkening plating system is four times thicker than the industry standard to ensure quality and durability.

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Medium: Platinum Plated Sterling Silver
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Style: Travel Jewelry
Subject: Estate Collection