by: Gene & Rebecca Tobey


“We took a fishing trip to Alaska in 2004. After visiting our friends….we went to Admiralty Island, where I had booked a week at a lodge. For four days, we fished for halibut, salmon, and bottom fish…The lodge, which is in an isolated, uninhabited area, used power supplied by a generator that switched off every night at ten o’clock. One evening after dinner, Gene and I borrowed a dinghy and rowed to the back of the cove, where we took turns fly-fishing for salmon. The water was as still and flat as glass, and the forest lining the shore was dark and quiet. Yet as we fished, eagles and ravens flew toward the lodge across the water to feed on fish carcasses leftover from our day’s catch. We watched the eagles gliding toward the shoreline, their forms mirrored in the water. Reflection is the story of those eagles.”

– Rebecca Tobey – Excerpt from “Partners in Art”

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 75
Dimensions: 10.5"H 16"W 8.5"D
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Birds