“Reaching Femininity”

by: Richard Pankratz


“Feminine form, hauntingly beautiful and inspiring, has been an obsession as long as artists have been creating art. In this piece, the form stretches and reaches as it endeavors to realize its full potential. In so doing it exudes femininity, even in the forms of the space it occupies. Likewise, in every human endeavor that culminates in growth or movement forward for humanity as a whole, the requirement is that we dream and reach beyond ourselves. Our one true freedom is the capacity to reach beyond ourselves and to move toward that which we wish to be.” – Richard Pankratz

“The art of Southwest native Richard Pankratz is design driven.The element of Pankratz’ design can be easily recognized, even though all of the individual elements of the pieces are radically different. Pankratz refuses to be bound by either subject or media, he feels that artists must somehow find a way to express a segment of the world in which they exist, and that as they take this journey, themes should be explored continually in multi-faceted arrays of variation.”

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 25
Dimensions: 21"H 8"W 4.5"D
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract