“Eros & Philia”

by: Gene & Rebecca Tobey


Can be sold separately. $1,200 each. “Eros” measures 4.5″h x 5.5″w x 3″d. “Philia” measures 3.75″h x 6″w x 2.5″d

The collaboration began with Rebecca acting as assistant on Gene’s sculptures, which evolved from dishes and practical ceramics to stylized animals. “She was my glaze technician,” Tobey explained, meaning the person who applies the glazes before firing. The sculptures in the mid-1980’s were an interesting combination of techniques. Gene Tobey first made a mold of an animal and cut out sections to be superimposed on other parts of the animal. Then, using a steel stylus he engraved designs. Rebecca Tobey did the glazing, imbuing the sculptures with color before the final firing. Over the months, however, Rebecca Tobey slowly began to develop her own techniques and her own ideas about the kind of surfaces that would enhance the three-dimensional qualities of the sculptures.
The two had created a style of art that is unique and distinctive. Because of its ingenious simplification of sculptural imagery, the Tobey design is instantly recognizable, and will remain so under Rebecca’s able hand.

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 150
Dimensions: Varies
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Horse