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This is a Custom Exposures men’s watch with stainless steel, ceramic case and leather band.

We searched for years to be able to offer just the right Swiss Automatic, self-winding timepiece. While modern machinery and technology are a critical part of every timepiece, the most important elements in a mechanical watch are skill, knowledge and the steady hand of a master watchmaker who assembles it. Each of these Exposures Signature Swiss-made masterpieces represents an unwavering commitment to individual workmanship, quality and enduring value. Each watch has the Exposures Signature on the face, just above the day/date.

How to set your Chronograph watch

To set the time
Pull the crown all the way out (Position 3).
Turn the crown so that the hands move clockwise, until the time is 12 am.
(the day will change at 12am)
Stop at approximately 3am. (and rest!)
Go to “set the day & the date”

To set the day & date

The date cannot be set if the time is between 8pm and 2am, so make sure that your watch is outside of this time period. (See above) (Stopping at 3am as instructed above is a good choice)
Set the crown to position 2. (one click in from being fully extended)
Turn the crown to change the date:
Turn the crown-clockwise to change the date.
Turn the crown-counter-clockwise to change the day.
If it is not 3am when you stopped then continue by pulling the crown out to position 3 (all the way out) and turn the crown so the hands move clockwise and set the time passing 12 if it’s a pm time of day. You’re Done!

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Medium: This Stunning Watch features a Crocodile band with a 18 Karat Yellow Gold case as well as a glare free Sapphire Crystal lens. This watch has a 25 Jewel Self-Winding Valjoux Chronograph Movement with special finishing.
Edition Type: Orginal
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Dimensions: Adjustable
Style: Formal Jewelry
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