“Tranquil Vibration Mini”

by: Marietta Bajer

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Marietta’s inspiration comes from nature’s art that surrounds us everywhere we look. “Paying attention to the smallest of details elevates one’s senses and heightens the awareness of the miracles our world provides us each day. The brilliant colors, the water reflecting rays of light, the dew drops in the morning, sparkling like diamonds, the twinkling stars at night, and the extraordinary limitless universe which surrounds us always inspires new visions of brilliance which I translate into “Outside the Box” striking works of art.” – Marietta Bajer

The scope for Marietta’s artwork has been diverse along with pencil drawings, watercolor, acrylic, oil, clay sculpture, jewelry, and currently multimedia sculptural glass resin art, scratchboard art, and bronzes. Scratchboard art allows Marietta to share her love for animals and to create a dramatic highly detailed portrayal of each animal, capturing its soul with extraordinary expressive eyes.


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Medium: Mixed Media
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 12"H 12"W each
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract