“Touch of Man”

by: Gene & Rebecca Tobey


“Touch of Man is a smaller version of Hand of Man. Like the larger version, Touch of Man has a mask on his face. Across his chest are deer and deer dancers surrounding an eagle in flight. A series of crosses symbolizing Christianity lines his midsection along with a hand. The hand in our work often represents the hand of man— the fact that the plight of the animals on earth will be directly affected by the actions of man. There is a Southwest Dragon filled with people underneath. This image represents the souls of the humans that have yet to come. Ghosts and amorphous humans are on his lower body as well as his shoulders.

On his back are Sand Hill Cranes surrounding a lone eagle in migration. In Central Texas when the Sand Hill Cranes pass overhead in migratory flight, one can hear the large flocks, even when they are so high that one can see only a faint smudge against the blue sky. A highly polished hand is on the top of his head. People and horses and riders cascade across the lower part of the bear’s back.”

– Rebecca Tobey – Excerpt from “Partners in Art”

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 30
Dimensions: 31.5"H 21"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Bears