“The Shaman of Peace (A Time for Peace)”

by: Bill Worrell


“The Shaman of Peace”

There must be Peace
If there is to be Love
There must be willingness to Love
If there is to be Peace

There must be forgiveness
If Peace and Love are to be sustained

It is time
We put to an end
Things that divide us
It is time to begin
To let Peace and Love unite us
It is time
To let Light and Reason guide us

It is time
That all people re-direct wars and
Not toward fellow beings
But direct them against ignorance
Against poverty
Against prejudice
Against disease
Against suffering
And against the viral and microbial
Which have always plagued human
well being

It is time for Peace
And for mutual, symbiotic co-existence

It is time
It is time
It is time

Bill Worrell – 01/22/03 – 6:53p.m.
03/17/03 – 11:09a.m.

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