“The Family”

by: Marietta Bajer


This adorable family of Markets is filled with a sense of togetherness and shows some amazing detail in the artwork itself. A Mixed Media Scratchboard drawing, these start out as a thin piece of wood panel that is layered with black and white paint so that when Marietta carves into the board with her tools, the white under-paint is revealed. An intense labor of love, these gorgeous pieces of art are a perfect conversation piece for any home. This gorgeous artwork also comes in a Scratchboard Laminate with Museum Mount and is available in additional sizes, please inquire with the gallery for sizes and pricing.

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Medium: Original Mixed Media Scratchboard
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size: 1
Dimensions: 24"H 18"W 10"D
Style: Realism
Subject: Mammal(s)

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