“The Beginning”

by: Bill Worrell


“The Beginning”
Bill Worrell

Great Spirit was source of all Creation.
Great Spirit was neither male nor female. 
Great Spirit wandered through the Great Emptiness
The Great Nothingness.
There were no stars, no planets, no moons,
And there was no Light.
All things were in the heart and the mind of Great Spirit.
Great Spirit had wandered through this Great Emptiness,
There was no time.
There was only Great Spirit.
Great Spirit was.
Great Spirit is.
Great Spirit will be.
Great Spirit is the Great Spirit
Some call Great Spirit Allah.
Some call Great Spirit Yahweh.
Some call Great Spirit Jehovah.
Some call Great Spirit —————
            (a name too sacred to speak by human tongue)
I met Great Spirit by the name of God;
God who has always been.
And God said, “Just let it happen.”
And, by God, it just happened.
The Universe was born.
The inseparable things of matter, motion, and time
Were given birth.
That was the Beginning.
Worrell – 01/03 -04/18 – 10:13 a. m.

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