“Tango on Base”

by: Dino Rosin


This contemporary Dino Rosin glasswork was inspired by the lively dance of the same name. Tango, one of the most famous genres of ballroom dancing, is both spirited and sensual. Two figures, each mirroring the movements of the other, twirling vigorously around the dance floor: this is the tango that Dino Rosin envisioned when he gave life to his sculpture. The bands of color typical to Calcedonia glasswork are perfect for enhancing the graceful, yet passionate movement of “Tango on Base”.
As with all of Dino Rosin’s Calcedonia glass works, no two sculptures will ever contain the same colors. The distinguishing colors of Calcedonia, comparable to the stripes in a zoned agate, are created through the introduction of silver nitrate to crystal clear glass. Patterns found in each Dino Rosin sculpture cannot be controlled since the colors depend solely upon the chemical reaction of each batch. As a result, every sculpture – including “Tango on Base” – has the added element of chance upon that of unparalleled mastery.

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Medium: Glass
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 26.5"H 11.5"W 11.5"D
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract