“Spinning the Line”

by: Kevin Robb


Kevin Robb has been sculpting for 40 years.  He went to school at Rocky Mountain College in Denver where he studied graphic design.  When he graduated and began working in the field of graphic design, he hated it.  3 years into his marriage, he told his wife, Diane, that he couldn’t live without art and that he had to pursue what he loved: sculpting.  After a bit of convincing, Diane was on his side and Kevin’s new career was born.  Diane has been and continues to be an integral part of Kevin’s process and career as a sculptor and artist.  19 years ago, Kevin suffered a massive stroke.  He was on life support for 13 days.  But he surprised everyone by waking up out of his coma.  He was determined to keep sculpting so Diane became his voice and number one advocate.  While Kevin has very limited speech and is challenged physically, he is a miracle worker.  Art is Kevin’s life.  It’s what maintains him and keeps him going.  He sketches and creates daily.  Using the software program SketchUp, Kevin creates new designs constantly; in his studio, there are bookshelves full of sketches at the ready.  There is never an issue of what to do next, in fact, Kevin’s favorite sculpture is his next piece.

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Medium: Stainless Steel
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 9'8"H 46"W 60"D
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract