by: Tesa Michaels


As an artist Tesa is inspired by so many things. She writes, I am inspired by mostly nature, thus all of my paintings are some form of a landscape. Even my abstracts pull from nature. Skies and sunsets are one of my most favorite things in nature. The beautiful colors, how the sky changes from one second to the next reflecting constant changes in colors and energy. Being on the west coast allows me to capture these in photos and then trying to recreate these in my studio.  This is where all my sky paintings come from is the photos I have taken. I have so much fun taking pictures of nature. Stones Used: Copper, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Pyrite, Agate, Wulfenite, Howlite, Tigers Eye, Quartz.

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Medium: Mixed Media
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 31"H 41"W
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract