“Songs of Amethyst”

by: Sandra Brestel

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“The amethyst tint of this prehistoric rock and the brilliant green lichen provides a surreal canvas for these ancient images. The cold hardness of the rock and the sharp edges of these sacred Kachina are softened only when we begin to hear their wonderfully warming and inviting song. The Kachina are mysterious beings and their story is faded by time and shrouded in mystery. They were believed to be more of a physical being rather than a spiritual one.
Kachina were considered beneficial creatures who dwelt in fresh water springs, lakes, and mountains. These deities would sometimes leave their watery homes to travel and live with the humans. They were often in disguise and bestowed upon their human families gifts and good fortune. The powerful spiritual magic of this place is enhanced by the carefully etched spirals. Spirals have many meanings depending upon the format in which they are represented. Most often, spirals depict a journey, in the physical sense as well as the spiritual. These ghostly spirits may well be a trio of desert sirens singing out the locations of an underground spring, to all that are thirsty.”

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Medium: Acrylic
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 30"H 23"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Pictographs

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