“Small Hilo”

by: John Maisano


Hilo represents the islands of Hawaii. I spent time there in school and was mesmerized by the beauty and spirituality of the people. A river or waterfall pours down Hilo’s chest in his hands, which are in the shape of a heart. The river represents the spirit as water is so spiritual. On his back there is a wave crashing the way they crash on the islands. Subtle streaks can sometimes be seen on the back looking much like the grooved mountain on the islands. The position of Hilo’s body is very peaceful and zen like. The designs are Polynesian inspired.

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Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited Edition
Edition Size: 60
Dimensions: 9.5"H 6.5"W 7.5"D
Style: Art Deco
Subject: Bear(s)

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