“Shaman of Brotherhood”

by: Bill Worrell



“The Shaman of Brotherhood”
(Lullaby For War)
Bill Worrell

I wish I could write a song
Or some songwriter would
A song to end all war
And create brotherhood

A song about a world
Joined for man’s common good
That would make every soul
Live by the golden rule

What a song
That song would be
A new world anthem
For every race and creed

A song of love and joy
Of never ending peace
What a song what a song
That song would be

What lyrics can we pin
What notes do we need
To scribe the words and music
To soothe war’s savage beast

Some melody to sing
Some Shaman’s drum to beat
Some lullaby to lull
War forever into sleep

Worrell –  03/28 & 30/06 – 1:27 p. m.
The Shed, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited Edition
Edition Size: AP
Dimensions: 11.25"H 7"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Shaman