“Shaman of Abiding Grace”

by: Bill Worrell


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“Shaman of Abiding Grace”
Bill Worrell

Oh Great Spirit
If I have erred, show me my errors
Reveal to me how I have missed the mark
Let me see my improprieties that I may
Know my own actions, recognize my own deeds

Then forgive me; I ask and I pray
And let me live as flawless as one can live
But deliver me; I ask and I pray
From the heavy burden and the waste of guilt

Keep me far, far, far from the edge
Of that wide, black, bottomless
Chasm of incorrect thought
Which would seduce me to believe
That because I have sinned
Missed the mark, acted improperly

I would attempt to counterbalance one ill deed
With another ill deed with another ill deed
Until I renounce my power, refute my Deliverances
My Redemptions and my Salvations
And thereby put to death and end… my Joys

Oh Great Spirit
Restore, refresh, renew, constantly unceasingly
My Soul, my Mind, my Spirit
Deliver me far, far from this snare
And keep me mindful and joyful of my Salvation

Worrell – 12/25/96 – 11:10 a.m.

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