“Secluded Elegance”

by: Mikki Senkarik

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Senkarik paints breathtaking landscapes from her travels with her husband. They have lived in some of the most beautiful locations throughout the world, including Hawaii, Cocoa Beach,
Myrtle Beach, Carmel, and San Diego. She paints from these experiences and her creations have near-perfect compositional balance, harmonious color arrangements, and a sense of security
engendered through the repetition of comforting forms: arches and arbors, doors, windows, and gates. There is always one open entryway, leading the viewer’s eye towards a horizon of verdant, bountiful crop-laden or calming freshwater ponds or seascapes. Her paintings seem to say, “There is a place you can go that is completely free of criticism, a place where you can breath free of censure.”

Explaining her recurrent themes of architecture and flowers, Senkarik says, “Flowers seemed to germinate in my mind, and grow on my canvases. I think the crust of my shame was broken by the love and support Jack gave me, and it let tiny flowers break through and begin to bloom.
Architecture reflects the solid foundation of my life. I no longer lead a discombobulated
existence. My life has structure and stability, and the strong building is a testament to that part of me.”

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Medium: Oil
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 24"H 30"W
Style: Realism
Subject: Animals