“Prickly Pear”

by: Dianne Adams


“At a very young age I found joy in drawing and painting. Those around me realized my talents and encouraged me. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the art field. I experimented in every media of painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. and found watercolor to be my medium of choice. Recently I have also been working with mixed media as well, along with acrylic and oils.

I immediately fell in love with the transparency of paint on paper and it became a natural process for me. There are elements in Watercolor that cannot be duplicated in any other medium. It excites me to see what can be done with it. As An artist I find it amazing to see the outcome of applying paint on paper with the water doing the magic.

I am very excited about my recent series sticks and stones. The natural elements depicted in my pieces have a way of bringing the outdoors in.”

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Medium: Watercolor on Canvas with Resin
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 30"H 30"W
Style: Realism
Subject: Nature