“Place Where Butterflies Land”

by: Kim Obrzut

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All live plants and animals have spirits. The butterfly is celebrated for its beauty and its contribution in pollinating plant life which is highly valued in a region of high desert conditions with little rainfall, in which the Hopi have survived for a millennium, mainly through having a deep understanding of the natural cycles of the earth. The Hopi have a social dance in August and early September that is mainly comprised of young people. The dance is a petition for rain, good health and long life for all living things.
It has been said that our family name Poleyesva (Pol-ee-ess-va), translates to ”The Place Where the Butterflies Land.” It is an honor be a part of the spirit of the butterfly. A butterfly flies from flower to flower, helping them to grow and brings rain for all plants and the butterfly makes the people happy.
She becomes the place where butterflies land on a squash blossom flower with reeds surrounding her body that are favorite landing spots for the tiny delicate insect providing so many blessings for the Hopi people.

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Subject: Hopi Maidens

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