“Outside the Lines”

by: Bill Worrell


Some Writers tell you what they did but not how they did it or why they did it. Some writers tell you what it is but not what it wasn’t or what it isn’t Some argue that they know nothing and can show you nothing and in doing so they tell you nothing. The bottom line, if there is one, is that artist don’t share their work, they show their work. Worrell is the exception. An artist who reveals the secrets unrevealed by others. An artist who takes pleasure in showing us how he did it and how we can do it. The world, says Worrell, doesn’t embrace the artist as a matter if course. This happens when the artist is bold enough, creative enough and smart enough to face the odds. Worrell is that rarity, an artist who speaks about everything under the sun. He is that man with the brush, chisel, pen, the finder hand, the workers mind. He willingly takes us on the ride of his life (and ours) telling us how he managed the impossible beauty of being an individual, an artist. In the process, we learn how to be who we are, artist in our own right. If you are an artist Outside the Lines will put you on the golden path to beauty. It will also teach you how to be grateful and nice. For Bill Worrell is one of those inspirational human beings who, along with being grateful and talented is just plain nice.

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