“Nature’s Bounty- 624”

by: Frasca/Halliday


Together Connie Frasca and Karen Halliday carve and shape exotic woods such as buckeye, lace wood, redwood, and maple, working to maintain and accentuate the natural beauty of the materials. They have traveled the country in search of unusual pieces to sculpt, aiming in all of their sculptures to blend man (or woman) and nature. No two pieces will ever be the same because every element is hand-carved. Nothing is turned or sent through a machine. Though they have the technical skills necessary to create intricate, streamlined furniture and sculpture, they prefer their work to be more personal, free-flowing, and fresh. As their varied careers may suggest, both Frasca and Halliday are always driven to find new artistic challenges, and so their artwork has taken many forms over the years. The two begin by agreeing on a new, unique concept to pursue. Then they explore it fully, varying around one theme, until they feel it is time to move forward yet again. Their work ranges from wall panels to vessels, from carved and textured wooden inlay to smooth and harmonious layers of dye and glaze. Natural artistic talent backed by practical engineering experience allows Frasca and Halliday to create their imaginative work using many different mediums. With stone, wood, sand, and even fossil, Frasca and Halliday create art that is organic in feeling and timeless in style.

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Medium: Mixed Media
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 72"H 22"W-6"W
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract