“Mystery Lady of Santa Fe”

by: Bill Worrell



With a quick mind and a heart of gold,
She gives and receives with equal pleasure.
A proper position.

She is a model for life.
Not the preachers’ model…
No preacher could understand her purity
And any preacher would be smothered
By her spirituality.

From her unbridled tongue spill words of Wisdom.
Words that make us laugh
Words some would label profane.

The people of this planet could learn much from her.
She treads upon no one…
She refuses to be tread upon by anyone.

She knows how to laugh even at herself
And that frees her to laugh at others…
And to laugh with them.

She travels when and to where she pleases.
She enjoys country music and opera.
Doug Montgomery and all the fine arts.

She keeps her secrets well.
She keeps her friends amazed.
She is a pattern for a peaceful life…
The Mystery Lady of Santa Fe.

Worrell – 8/27/99 – 9:20 a.m.

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