“Mysteries in the Moonlight”

by: Bill Worrell


“Mysteries in the Moonlight”
Bill Worrell

There are Mysteries in the Moonlight
That pale and grow dim with the Sunrise

When Nightbirds sing and Coyotes call
Creatures of the night stir
There is a dance of ecstasy in the soft glow

The Creatures of the night make their Magic
Maintaining moonlight vigils until the dawn

Secrets flow freely in the curtain of mystery
Drawn about the face of Earth
Opening and closing intrigue and wonders

To those who have eyes to see in the night
Mysteries are revealed unknown to those who sleep

With dawn perpetual and night everlasting
Some mysteries hide themselves
Others awaken

Worrell—4/18/02—4:19 p.m.

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Medium: Bronze
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Style: Southwestern
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