“My Way”

by: Bill Worrell


“My Way”
Bill Worrell

There is a vast gulf between being arrogant
and being self-reliant. Plato, Socrates, Cervantes,
Shakespeare, Emerson, and Thoreau
all espoused the concept of
“know thyself and to thine own self be true.”
Paul Anka wrote over thirty verses to “MY WAY”,
the song made famous by Frank Sinatra.

How many meek souls
have been wounded by authoritative arrogance?
More than the world will ever know.
Among them are musicians,
writers, mathematicians, dancers, actors,
sculptors, painters, teachers, physicians, scientists,
inventors, and even athletes.

You are noble creatures!
Do not fear to use your own colors.
Do not fear to color over and outside the lines!
Thank you for sharing the wealth.

Carpe EVERY Diem!

Worrell – 09/07/07 – 12:14 p.m.
New Art, Texas

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Medium: Bronze
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Style: Southwestern
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