“Maiden Voyage”

by: Richard Pankratz


“The direction our lives take is often thought of as a path – if we use a land metaphor. Likewise, we might use the term ‘voyage’ if using a water metaphor. In either case, movement is directed. Yet, since all is connected, ‘our’ path or voyage crosses, or is in someway connected, with all others. We have ample opportunity to change or even reverse direction. Often, we will traverse our chosen voyage until whatever goal we set out for is realized, or abandoned, and then set out on a new voyage somewhere else. This sculpture has one figure facing up symbolizing where we are going, and one figure facing down symbolizing where we have been. In all cases, our direction as well as our constraints, are chosen. Our lives did not come with an Owner’s Manual. There is no written list given at birth telling us what, where, how, when, or why to do, learn, and experience in order to be ‘successful’. We all must discover and define this on our own terms and in our own time. And we are each so uniquely individual that no two journeys are ever identical. We are all truly on our own individual ‘Maiden Voyage’, a journey of discovery never before undertaken by anyone. We keep a watchful eye toward the discovery of our own destination as well as an appreciation and remembrance of the journey that brought us to this point. It is through the learning acquired from the journey so far that enables the decisions to chart the course ahead.” – Richard Pankratz

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 50
Dimensions: 6.5"H 29"W 3"D
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract