“Keeper of the Treasure”

by: Bill Worrell


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“Keeper of the Treasures”
Bill Worrell

So many things are illusive

There are so many things for which mortals search
That do not exist
There are so many things that are only fantasies
Within the chambers of men’s minds

There are many things for which mortals search
That are already within their possession

While the hunt is on and the search is intense
The treasures lie in the open Sun
In the broad daylight
Back at the camp
Where they have been

There are so many things
So much finer than the limited lackluster illusions
For which the unenlightened search

Our minds are unclear and confused
They are confused by fears of famine
They are confused by greed

If over the eons men had not agreed
Gold is the most precious element
No one would barter a pound of it
For one single rainbow

And if the conglomerate of social thought
Which we call civilization
Could utilize only one metal
It would surely be iron in the form of steel
Or perhaps aluminum
Or titanium
It would not be gold

One drop of dew sparkling
In the radiance of the morning Sun
Is no less marvelous
Than a cut and polished gemstone

A sound mind
Is preferable to the Seven Cities of Gold
A sound body at any age
Is preferable to a fountain of disabled youth

A proper perspective
Is the Promised Land

All about us
All within us
Are treasures at our grasp
At our fingertips

All about us
Is a promised Light
By which our minds can be illuminated

All about us
Are fields ripe with opportunities for enlightenment
Fruits ready for the harvest
With which we can feed our soul
And attain inner peace

Some do

Some continue a search
For non existing treasures

Worrell – 11/19/99 – 10:50 a.m.

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