“Journeys Through the Winds of Time”

by: Bill Worrell


As early as the second grade, Bill Worrell displayed an interest in archaeology. He had a fascination with flaked flint and almost blinded himself in attempting to chip arrowheads. A half century later his interest in the ancient prevails; his sculptures are paintings are inspired by images painted on the cave walls of the Lower Pecos River over 40 centuries ago.
Worrell is quick to state his works are not recordings, but rather interpretations of this ancient art form. “There is little need to reconstruct what already is at least in the fine arts,” Worrell muses. “One might hammer and knife. It is more satisfying and certainly more meaningful for me to embellish a theme rather than copy what others have done.”
When sculpting and painting. Worrell often writes simultaneously. He also writes along the backroads, while dining, and sometimes even in the hot tub at his home in the Texas Hill Country. He is seldom seen without a journal in hand.
“It is a habit I acquired more than 30 years ago. It just will not let me go. I even sleep with a notebook beside my bed. I can remember to many I cannot remember,” he jokes.
As with his first book, Voices From the Caves – The Shamans Speak, the writings in Journeys Through the Winds of Time are selections from his journals. As in voices, he again gives notice to the reader, “If these writings are admonitions or caveats, they are those that I issue to myself.”

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